What is Colombian Timber?

Colombian Timber is a unique agro-industrial investment opportunity offered by Gutierrez Group to investors willing to diversify into an industry that per its nature and high volume of cash requirements is usually only available to big private and institutional investors.

By using a crowdfunding methodology, this completely turnkey investment allows particular investors from all over the world to pro­fit from the rising forestry industry in Colombia, buying farmland for as low as U$ 200 per hectare, with the intention of planting Acacia Mangium and Eucalyptus Pellita trees, harvesting them in just 7-8 years and converting them into wooden biomass chips or pellets for local and/or international energy generation use.

Investors become shareholders of the developing corporation of a given project. The corporation owns the land and every single planted tree. Share packages are offered starting at 150 million pesos (U$ 50,000) and investors are welcome to buy as many shares as they wish.

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The complete lifecycle of the project consists in the following:

  1. A Colombian limited liability company is created, to which investors join as shareholders.

  2. Land is purchased by the company after proper due diligence concerning favorable location, adequate soil conditions, and lack of liens.

  3. Land is prepared while seedlings grow at the nursery. Once ready, trees are planted.

  4. Proper maintenance is done to the trees in their first years to ensure their growth in height and volume.

    Trees continue to grow thereafter without need of intensive maintenance.

  5. Investing in this project makes you eligible to apply to a Colombian Visa.

  6. After the fifth year the project may apply for The Gold Standard Premium Quality Carbon Credits, in order to obtain and then sell CO2 bonds for an additional source of income.

  7. Trees will be harvested in the seventh year, timber will be converted into biomass chips or pellets and sold to a local or international buyer to be used for clean energy generation, at which point in time dividends will be paid to shareholders.