Who is looking after the investment?

Gutierrez Group has partnered with InverBosques, a world class, high standards forestry operator, to ensure forestry investments being managed and operated with the highest degree of professionalism, which enables us to deliver to our investors the high degree of security and reliability they demand.

Gutierrez Group, the Investment Manager

Gutierrez Group is a Colombian Multi-Family Office specialized in both managing and promoting unique alternative turnkey investment opportunities in Colombia, as well as in providing professional legal advisory to foreigners living and/or doing business in Colombia.

We go beyond what a typical investment firm offers by providing our investors with a broad variety of exclusive and safe wealth diversification and maximization strategies in different sectors of our local economy such as Agroindustry, Financial Sector, Real Estate, amongst others.

At Gutierrez Group we have always had the humble goal of becoming our clients’ one-stop shop in Colombia, that’s why we’ve integrated our legal, tax and accounting services with our wealth management and investment division.

We currently serve 1,500+ foreign clients in connection with all their business ventures in Colombia and it is our pride to know ourselves as their strategic allies in our country.

Gutierrez Group is in charge of the project’s capital raising, supervision and control upon the forestry operator.

InverBosques, the Forestry Operator

InverBosques is one of the top players in Colombia’s rising forestry industry and the leading operator in the most promising region for forestry in the country: the eastern plains of Colombia.

The company was formed in 2007 and with more than 60,000 hectares under management, of which 11,000+ are currently planted, InverBosques has specialized in managing and operating integrated agro-industrial type of forestry projects.

Their broad experience in this region adds substantial value to the partnership as they are recognized as a key and “go-to” player in connection with anything that concerns the region´s further development.

Land purchased and planted, and trees planted by InverBosques (2008-2018)

InverBosques is also the leader of Vichada’s GEO (Grupo de Empresarios de La Orinoquía ), an association of forestry developers in the region which groups 90+ big-size investors and other companies and relevant participants of the industry, who jointly work to seek the development of the region but also towards the search of local and international alternatives for the commercialization of our wood, and other public and private issues relevant to the industry and the forestry project.

InverBosques works alongside different foundations and non-profit organizations in order to ensure that every single plantation is socially inclusive and environmentally responsible, indispensable requirements set by The Gold Standard and the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) to obtain their certifications, already achieved in 2015 and 2019, respectively. The foundations employed by InverBosques have structured and implemented different social and environmental projects in more than 220 rural communities in Colombia.